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Here are the final two levels in last week’s Race.

So you might remember Race from N+; in N++ it’s pretty different. We’ve been playing around with the rules to make this mode interesting for serious competition, allowing for various strategies and comeback possibilities, and tweaking the value of gold — all the while keeping it fun for the not-so-serious. Here are the rules:

  • each player is given a bonus at the start of the level
  • your bonus can be increased by collecting gold in the level
  • if you reach the exit, your bonus is added to your score
  • if you haven’t reached the exit when the round ends, your bonus is lost
  • if you reach the exit, you get a chance to be a rocket and kill other players
  • once a player reaches the exit, Sudden Death begins
  • during Sudden Death, you won’t respawn if you die (you only have one last chance to reach the exit)
  • during Sudden Death, your bonus decays over time; if your bonus reaches 0, you’ll die
  • if no one has reached the exit after a certain period of time, You Suck mode begins: the level will gradually become easier, and only the first player to the exit survives (the rest are instantly killed)

We think you’ll enjoy it! There are a lot of interesting strategic opportunities.

We’re really hoping players start to get into it and try holding their own tournaments — we’ve found them to be pretty fun! Keep an eye on the devblog for news of a tournament near you: http://www.metanetsoftware.com/blog